2nd Reading Room – Socialia

2nd reading room - Socialia

Shelving of publications
Shelving of publications is based on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system. Each speciality has its own UDC number which forms the beginning of the publication’s call number. Use the guide for finding books on open shelves.

Subject areas and UDC numbers:

  • Demography    314
  • Economics    33
  • Education    37
  • Law    34
  • Management and organisation     65
  • Media and communication    316.77
  • Military affairs     355
  • Political science    32
  • Psychology    15
  • Public administration    35
  • Social policy. Social work    36
  • Sociology    316
  • Statistics    311

The European Documentation Centre includes:

  • documents concerning the process of the EU legislation
  • publications of different institutions of the EU and bibliographical assisting materials
  • monographs concerning the EU matters, issued by the EU

Shelving order within a speciality:

  • Reference works
  • Estonian-language publications
  • Foreign publications in the Latin script
  • Foreign publications in the Slavic script

Borrowing rules
To borrow publications from the reading room open collections, pick them up from the shelf and check them out at the service points or with the self-checker.

Loan dates for reading room collections:

  • 24 hours (green mark), cannot be renewed,
  • 14 days (no mark), renewable,
  • 30 days (yellow mark), renewable,
  • 60 days (blue mark), renewable,
  • only for in-house use (red mark), cannot be borrowed.


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