Books From E-bookshop of UT Library Can Now be Ordered to the Parcel Machines


When making a purchase in the e-bookshop of UT Library, you can now order it to be sent to Omniva or Itella parcel machines. 

„E-shops are becoming more and more popular and thus, the number of purchases in our e-shop is increasing all the time," told Kristhel Haak who is responsible for the orders in the e-shop. „Now the client can choose the parcel machine the location of which suits him or her best and we will send the book(s) there." 

The shipments to parcel machines have been made for a couple of weeks and the feedback from clients has been very positive. The books will be posted to the clients after the invoice is paid. 

Books available in UT Library e-bookshop:


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Kristhel Haak
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