• You can borrow books located in the open stacks and reading rooms of the library. Newspapers and journals can be used only in the library. Call numbers of the books you need can be found in the e-catalogue ESTER.
  • If you want to place hold on a book that has already been borrowed, request it via ESTER or ask for help from a librarian.
  • You can borrow books if you are registered as a patron in University of Tartu library by using ID-card or patron card. To borrow a book please visit our service points on the 2nd and the 3rd floor or use our self-service machines.

When the book you have requested is returned, you will get a message via e-mail. You can pick up the requested book from the Smart Locker in the lobby of the library. Books will be held in the Smart Locker for 3 days.

  • CD-s can be borrowed at the Music Department for 14 days, music books and printed music for 30 days.
  • Books can be returned to the service points, or 24/7 to the book return machine on the right side of the library main entrance.
  • Borrowing of library materials is regulated by the guide “Use of Library Materials”


How to find

… a book

Search for books in the e-catalogue ESTER.

Search for earlier books also in the digitised loose-leaf catalogues.

E-books can be searched for in databases. Databases are accessible only for the members of the University of Tartu.


… an article

Estonian articles can be found in the database ISE. After the title of the article, you can see the title of the publication where the article was issued. As a rule, the full text of the article is not available in this database, but it provides a link to the publication in ESTER, where you can find the libraries which hold this publication and their call numbers.

Articles published since 2017 can be searched for in the database DIGAR. Only a selection of Estonian articles is now added to the database ISE.

Articles published in foreign journals can be found among e-journals and databases open to the library, and among print journals subscribed for by the library.


… dissertations or student papers

To find dissertations, in ESTER, open – entire collection, then – the section THESES, DISSERTATIONS.

All dissertations defended at the University of Tartu since 2004 are accessible in the UT digital archives. Digitisation of older theses is in progress. Recent theses are also accessible in the UT digital archives, under the respective structural unit.


… course lists
The link in the upper menu of the opening page of ESTER takes you to course lists. You can search by the name of the lecturer, the title or the code of the course.

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