Computers and the Internet in the library

Library computers are for study and research purposes, including information search.

Computers are located in the computer workstations room in 2. floor of the library. 
NB! ID-card cannot be used for computer login. If your ID-card number is also your Library Card number, you have to enter it manually in the ESTERDOM.

Usernames and passwords:

  • University of Tartu members – a common university username (ÕIS, LDAP) is used. To specify the username and solve password problems refer to the UT IT department.
  • Non UT users: ESTERDOM domain. The username is the number of the Library Card (or the ID-card number with prefix "y").

When logging out, make sure that you really did log out. Not logging out is an offence – it keeps the computer engaged. In an emergency, you can push Reset button to log out.

• You can change keyboard and computer language.

With the computers that need login, you can use the following hardware and software:
• ID card slot 
• DVD-reader
• USB ports
• Audio input/output. You have to have your own headphones.
• Estonian/Russian keyboard

• Windows 7
• Microsoft Office 2010
•, in Estonian.
• MSIE web browser with plug ins
• Firefox (Mozilla) web browser with plug ins
• Putty ssh/telnet terminal emulator
• Printing into pdf files
• Printing to printer, black-and-white and colour. This is a service for a fee.
• And much more ...

Some software settings are fixed and changing of them, as well as installing additional software is prohibited. 
UT members can hold their files and software on their UT home directories.
Files of ESTERDOM users cannot be left into the computers and servers, the files are not preserved.

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