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Project CAIRN draws together publications by Belin, Érčs, La Decouverte (France) ja De Boeck Université (Belgium). Contains journals in literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, sociology, economy and politics.

Cambridge University Press e-books, purchased for the university users. To find the full texts choose Advanced Search and mark the box Limited to your access.

Currently publishes over 300 peer-reviewed academic journals for the global market.

CEEOL is an e-archive offering partial (OA) access to fulltext articles on the humanities and social sciences and digitised documents on the subjects concerning Central, East and South-East Europe.

Research papers from the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CERP).

A series on international public law and international private law, published by the Hague Academy since 1923. Contains more than 300 volumes.

Allows four simultaneous users.

CORDIS -  the Community Research and Development Information Service. Andmebaas CORDIS on Euroopa Komisjoni avalikkusele mõeldud portaal Euroopa Liidu rahastatud uurimisprojektide ja nende tulemuste kohta.

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