The University of Tartu digital archive DSpace offers the opportunities to make research and articles accessible for all. At present, the digital archive contains all doctoral theses defended at the UT after 2004, and a large number of student papers. It also contains numerous books, manuscripts, serials and other materials digitised at the UT Library. A separate collection holds contemporary e-textbooks and textbooks for visually impaired students.

For researchers of the University of Tartu, we offer the possibility of creating personal archives (see an example).

For research and educational institutions, we offer the possibility of long-time archiving of their materials. The Ministry of Research and Education has already archived materials of educational research in DSpace.

The UT digital archive DSpace contains more than 44 000 objects; it is interconnected with several other search engines (E-Varamu, FirstSearch, DART-Europe (E-theses Portal), Base (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), Europeana, Google, etc.)

Statute of the UT digital archive (soon)


Liisi Tõnisson, Senior Specialist of Digital Collections
Phone 737 5740, liisi.tonisson@ut.ee

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