The e-course quality label awarded to the online course “Research Data Management and Publication”, created in collaboration by UT Library and Natural History Museum


Information Technology Foundation for Education (ITFE) announced the recipients of the e-course quality label in 2020; among others, this acknowledgement was awarded to the online course “Research Data Management and Publication”, created by the UT Library and the UT Natural History Museum. The e-course was authored by Tiiu Tarkpea from the UT Library and Urmas Kõljalg, Allar Zirk and Veljo Runnel from the Natural History Museum.

“This course, which was first given last year, received a very positive feedback from the participating postgraduates,” said Director of Development of the UT Library Liisi Lembinen. “The author of its first module, Tiiu Tarkpea, is an acknowledged research data management specialist, who teaches postgraduates and researches at other Estonian universities and colleges as well. We are very happy that her contribution to the development of e-learning has now received an official recognition.”

Members of the awarding committee of the quality label provided an extensive feedback. Among other positive aspects they pointed out that in the e-course “Research Data Management and Publication”, each participant receives individual and detailed feedback, based on the subject of the research work, which supports their development as a researcher. Teachers of the course also give the participants recommendations about writing the doctoral thesis. 

In addition to the received quality label, this e-course has, together with five other courses, nominated for the title “E-course of the Year 2020”, which will be announced on 28 May.

Estonian e-Learning Development Centre launched the e-course quality label in the autumn of 2008. This is part of the e-learning quality system with the main objective of harmonising activities related to e-learning and the level of the e-courses within the member institutions of the Estonian e-University and Estonian e-Vet consortia.


Additional information:
Liisi Lembinen
UT Library Director of Development
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