The First E-archive of a University of Tartu Scientist was deposited in an electronic repository


The UT digital archive Dspace published the personal archive of Hannes Tammet, Professor emeritus of the University of Tartu. Six collections hold more than a hundred electronic documents, all in all about 700 files, containing academic publications as well as teaching and research materials.

Creation of the personal archive was initiated by its owner who selected the materials and outlined the collections. This is the first personal digital archive which has been uploaded to an electronic repository; it differs much from a traditional personal archive of original documents on paper. Tammet’s e-archive is linked to different web environments, including the recently created UT repository of reserach data Datadoi, which allows assigning permanent DOI numbers or digital object identifiers to digital objects.

The UT institutional repository and the research data repository are standards-based open source platforms, offered by the university for the collecting, long-time preservation and publication of digital materials created by its members and their collaborators. The system of the DSpace repository is fairly flexible, making it possible to preserve all materials that need wider access and visibility.

Contact: Heiki Epner, UT Library, digital collections analyst
phone: 7375796


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