Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe

May 8-10, 2014
Tartu University Library

Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe. Learned Communities between Antiquity and Contemporary Culture“

The conference hosted scholars from 13 countries
The conference is financed by the Estonian Research Council’s project PUT 132 
“Humanist Greek in Early Modern Estonia and Livonia: a bridge to modern and ancient European culture“ (2013-2016)



THURSDAY, MAY 8th  2014
 Tartu University Library, Main Conference Hall

13.00 Registration

13.30 Opening: welcome (Martin HALLIK, University Prorector and Malle ERMEL for the direction of Tartu University Library, Janika PÄLL for organisers)

13.45 PLENARY Paper

Walter LUDWIG (Hamburg University, read by Neeme Näripä, Tartu University)
Der deutsche griechische Dichter Laurentios Rodoman


14.15-15.15 SESSION 1. Hellenists and Byzantines. Moderator Sandrine de Raguenel

Jean-Marie FLAMAND (Paris, CNRS)
The  preliminary Greek epistles of the French Hellenist Jean Cheradame  (edition of Aristophanes, Paris, 1528).

Bartosz AWIANOWICZ (Torun, Nicolaus Copernicus University)
Between Hermogenes, Cicero and Quintilian: George of Trebizond’s latinisation of Greek rhetorical terms.

 15.15-15.45 Coffee pause

15.45-17.15 SESSION 2. Greek studies of Strasbourg humanists. Moderator Jean-Marie Flamand

Sandrine de RAGUENEL (Strasbourg University)
Learning Greek in Strasbourg: Grammars and Classrooms Texts.

Elodie CUISSARD (Strasbourg University, Strasbourg University Library)
Ottmar Nachtgall and the first generation of humanist Greek studies in Strasbourg.

Hélène NOBELIS (Strasbourg University,  GEO – EA 1340 Research group of Oriental, Slavic and Greek Studies)
Greek fonts and printing practices in Strasbourg.

17.15-17.30 Coffee pause

17.30-19.00 SESSION 3. Humanist Greek poets on the Adriatic Coast and Balkan Peninsula. Moderator Janika Päll

Gianfranco AGOSTI (Roma, La Sapienza University)
Nonnos in the poetry of Italian humanists.

Martin STEINRÜCK (Fribourg University)
Metric “mistakes” in the Greek epigrams of Angelo Poliziano.

Vlado REZAR (Zagreb University)
Greek verses of Damianus Benessa. The paper will be distributed to the participants. 

Tartu University Library, Room 243

9.00-10.30 SESSION 4. The humanist Greek in Poland, Lithuania and Prussia. Moderator Vita Paparinska (Riga, Latvian University)

Gościwit MALINOWSKI (Wroclaw University)
Stanislaus Niegossevius (1565-1599?) and his panegyric Pros Theion Sigismondon Triton Ton Polonon Basilea Aniketon…. Stephanephoria.

Tomas VETEIKIS (Vilnius University)
Imitation of the moral poetry of Gregory of Nazianzus in the humanist Greek poetry of 16th-century Lithuania.

Antoine HAAKER (Wroclaw University)
The Greek Dialogues of John Posselius the Elder (1528–1591).

10.30-11.00 Coffee Pause

11.00-12.00 PLENARY paper

Dieter HARLFINGER (Hamburg University)
Humanistengriechisch. Besichtigung eines Forschungsfeldes

12.00-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-15.00 SESSION 5. Humanist Greek in translation and scholarly works. Moderator Tua Korhonen

Johanna AKUJÄRVI (Lund University, Oslo University)
Xenophon and Aisopos for the Swedish youth. On the earliest printed translations of ancient Greek literature.

Per RåLAMB (Basking Ridge, Independant researcher)
Swedish Contributions to the Greek & Roman Classics. A Bibliography of the Printed Editions before 1800.

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

 15.30-16.30 SESSION 6. Humanist Greek and religion. Moderator Gianfranco Agosti

Alessandra LUKINOVICH and Patrick ANDRIST (Geneva University, Bern Canton and University Library)
A manuscript of Greek paraphrases of psalms.

Pieta van BEEK (Utrecht University, Stellenbosch University)
Anna Maria van Schurman and her correspondences in Greek.

16.30-18.00 Round Table

18.00 Visit to the exhibition “Βάρβαρος οὐ πέλομαι … The humanists in and about Greek language.
An exhibition dedicated to the reflections of the love for ancient Hellas in old prints from Tartu University Library.”

with Malle Ermel, the head of the Department for Manuscripts and Old Prints


Tartu University Library, Room 243

9.00-10.30 SESSION 7. Humanist Greek in the Northern Baltic Sea region. Moderator Gościwit Malinowski

Erkki SIRONEN (Helsinki University)

”Dialectal” Variation in Humanist Greek Prose Orations in Great Sweden (1631–1721).

Tua KORHONEN (Helsinki University)
The Greek dissertations by Johannes Gezelius the Elder.

Janika PÄLL (Tartu University Library)
Different towns, different images of Greek – the corpora of humanist Greek from Dorpat, Reval, Riga and Mitau printers.

11.00-11.30 Coffee Pause

11.30-13.30 SESSION 8. Humanist Greek in the Northern Baltic Sea region. Moderator Erkki Sironen

Katre KAJU (Tartu, Estonian National Archives, Tallinn University Academic Library)
 Griechisch in den studentischen Preisaufgaben an der kaiserlichen Universität Tartu.

Gita BERZINA (Riga, Latvian University)
16th -17th Century Greek Texts at the Library of the University of Latvia.

Grigory VOROBYEV (Roma, La Sapienza University)
An unpublished epigram of Mathew Devaris from Saint Petersburg.

13.30 Closing of the conference and farewells

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