Krista Aru Started as the Director of the UT Library


On August 15, Krista Aru took up post as the Director of the UT Library. On her first day of work, she met the staff of the library to introduce her vision of the role and development perspectives of the UT Library within the university as well as in Estonia as a whole. 

“It is a great honour and pleasure to be the Director of the university library,” said Krista Aru at the meeting. “Although today I am still quite new to the library and not very familiar with it, I am very happy to be able to work in Tartu and with you. I believe 110% in the continuation and necessity of UT Library.”  

Krista Aru admitted that for her as the head of the library it is very important that all the staff members would feel good and valued in their positions. “I am convinced that in addition to joy and satisfaction, the work in the library should also entail pride and professional dignity,” she said.

When talking about the wider position of the university library in society, Aru stressed the need for defining and interpreting culture and keeping spirituality. “The library’s task is to keep, interpret and further Estonian culture,” Aru said and added that here lies the university library’s big responsibility towards its country and people.

She also pointed out the UT Library’s important position among research libraries. “I am convinced that our library must be the flagship of research libraries in Estonia,” Aru said. “I will definitely stand up for this idea.”

When describing the role of the UT Library for Tartu and its inhabitants, Aru admitted that we have a chance to contribute remarkably in the development of intellectual spirit. “During ages, the intellectuality and spirituality of Tartu has had an influence over the whole country,” said the director. “Today, the belief in intellectuality and spirituality has slightly been exhausted and needs to be refreshed. However, intellectuality develops only within the community of people, and I have the feeling that in the library we will be able to contribute to this process.”  

The new director promised to meet and talk with all the staff members within the coming weeks to get a thorough overview about the activities of the library. The first meetings will take place already today at the Department of Collections Development.  


Additional information:
Herdis Olmaru
UT Library Communication Manager




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