Library is closed from 23 June until 26 August


UT Library will close for summer on 23 June. The doors will again be opened on 27 August.  

Books can be returned to the returns locker at the Akadeemia street entrance from Monday till Friday 9-17. Urgent questions will be answered on workdays 12–16 on the phone 737 5715.

Closing of the library for a longer period than usual is this year related with the renovation. “We will really be closed for almost 2 months,” admitted Martin Hallik, the Director of the UT Library. “As soon as the semester is over, we want to give the construction company as much freedom for intensive work as possible.”

During the library hours, only the relatively noiseless work operations can be done. We want to disturb the readers as little as possible. “But the third-floor reading rooms and the underground floors of stacks still require a lot of work and if we close the library, we can speed up the renovation process,” Hallik explained.   

Although the completion deadline for the renovation is in January 2019, the constructor has given some hope that it could happen earlier. “This is what we hope as well,” said Hallik.  “If the constructor would really be able to finish their work in autumn, we will have to move all books back to the reading rooms and to the underground floors of stacks. An optimistic forecast is that we can probably open the library at the end of October.”


Additional information:
Herdis Olmaru
Communication Manager of UT Library
7375 749


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