Library Continues with the Guided Tours for the Students


UT Library will continue with the guided tours on the week starting with 16 September. During the tours the building and library services are introduced to students. The tours are in Estonian, English and Russian.  

"We decided to continue with the tours as it can be that due to busy first weeks, the students may not have had time to come to the library yet," said Olga Einasto, the Head of the Service Department of UT Library. "The feedback has so far been very positive and we are really happy when the students can personally ask our staff questions abour the library services. The guided tours are an ideal opportunity for that." 

The guided tours take placeon every workday at 14:00. Tour guides will wait for the students at the information desk in the first floor lobby, pre-registration is not required. The last tour will be on Friday, 20 September. 

Additional information: 
Olga Einasto
Head of the Service Department of UT Library 
737 5774



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