Pop-up Reading Rooms Will Move to Veski Street in August


Until the end of the spring exam period, the pop-up reading rooms and group work rooms are open on J. Liivi Street. In August, the temporary reading rooms will be opened in a new location – 32 Veski Street.

Pop-up reading rooms on J. Liivi Street can be used until the end of June. The Night Library will be opened there on 22 May – during the following two weeks the reading rooms are open from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 until midnight. Printing, scanning and copying facilities are also available.

Because the Faculty of Economics will move to the J. Liivi Street building in August, the pop-up reading rooms have to move to another place – to the former building of the Estonian National Museum on Veski Street. The reading rooms and group work rooms will stay in that location until the end of the renovation of the main library.

The library has extended the free service of interlibrary loans. Free service applies to the books that are packed for the renovation period. Now it covers the requests of books both from Estonia and abroad.

The books requested via ESTER can be picked up in the main building of the library (via Akadeemia Street entrance). Access to e-books and e-databases is available via the library homepage.


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