Reopening of the UT Library selected as the Deed of the Year 2018 of the University of Tartu


At the Rector’s New Year’s reception on 2 January, staff members of the university selected the reopening of the UT Library after renovations as the Deed of the Year 2018

The top three nominations for the Deed of the Year title were announced at the reception. 

  1. After two years of renovations, the University of Tartu Library was reopened for readers.
  2. The genome project collected more than 100,000 gene samples.
  3. 42 scientists of the University of Tartu rank in the top 1% of the most cited researchers in the world.

More than 300 people voted to select the Deed of the Year. The winner – the reopening of the library – received 80 votes, far more than others.

Besides the above, also the merger of Tartu Observatory with the University of Tartu, the reopening of the Third Age University at the UT Viljandi Culture Academy, and the publication of the original philosophy textbook “Sissejuhatus filosoofiasse” were named as important events.



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