Exhibition "Own corner, own piece of land"

13.11.2020 13:45
13.12.2020 18:00
UT Library
3rd floor lobby of UT Library
UT Library
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The exhibition about the Latvian fiction, translated into Estonian is open in the lobby of the 3rd floor of UT Library. 

The author of the idea of the exhibition is the translator and lecturer of Latvian in UT Ilze Tālberga. The oldest books in the exhibition date back to the 1860-es. Also, the translators who have translated the books from Latvian into Estonian are introduced. The visitors can also listen to the abstracts in Latvian, taken from some books that can be seen in the exhibition.  

The exhibition of the Latvian fiction in Estonian was compiled by Ilze Tālberga and Evelin Arust and the design was made by Tiit Pähnapuu. The exhibition is open until 12 December.


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