Exhibition by Tiina Tammets "Crooked Stones"

04.09.2019 10:30
30.09.2019 21:15
UT Library
3rd floor of UT Library

Exhibition "Crooked Stones" by Tiina Tammets is opened in the University of Tartu Library. 

The author discovered the stones for herself about 4 years ago. "By adding stripes and colors, the stones with different shape and texture are ideal to express one's fantasies,“ described Tammets. „You just look at the stone and you will see cat, bicycle or frog. And there are lots of stones, particularly in Viimsi, where I live."

So, within the last years several stones have found their way to her home.  

Tiina Tammets, graduated from the University of Tartu, has during her whole life been working in the field of meteorology. Her sister is an artist and she encouraged Tiina to spend more time on drawing, painting and making pohotos.  

The exhibition "Crooked Stones" was last year in the Kullo Gallery and Viimsi Open Air Museum in Tallinn, in Jäneda this summer. 

The exhibition in the UT Library will remain open until 30 September. 

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