Today Is the Last Day of Pop-up Reading Rooms


The pop-up reading rooms on Veski Street, where the students could study and prepare for their exams since last summer, will be closed today. The library will open on this Wednesday and reading rooms at a separate location have fulfilled their purpose.  

“Pop-up reading rooms were of essential importance during the renovation period, as the students needed a place where they could concentrate on studying,” said Martin Hallik, the Director of the UT Library. “We will re-open the library on Wednesday and although the renovation of the third floor reading rooms will continue, we have set up the best possible learning environment in the renovated area and all our staff members are now fully ready to help the students, if they need assistance.”

The reading rooms have worked at the temporary locations since autumn 2016, when pop-up reading rooms were first opened on J. Liivi Street. But as the Faculty of Economics moved into the former building of the National Archives on J. Liivi Street, the pop-up reading rooms had to change their location and move over into the former building of the Estonian National Museum on Veski street.

Today the pop-up reading rooms are open from 9 until 21.

Additional information:
Olga Einasto
Head of Service Department of UT Library
737 5774

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