Traditional Night Library Will Open on 6 January


From 6 January until 19 January UT Library in cooperation with the Student Council organizes a traditional Night Library. During these two weeks the library is open until midnight.   

„We have already received several inquiries regarding the Night Library,“ said Krista Aru, the Director of the UT Library. „This is a clear sign that these two weeks are awaited.“ According to Aru, students appreciate the library environment that favours learning. “Thus, I really hope that in addition to those students who are already regular Night Library visitors, we will have many first year students in our reading rooms and group work rooms, because there is no better place for studying!”

After several years the Night Library in January is organized together with the Student Council. “Our organization celebrates a great birthday next year – the UT Council will become 100 years old,“ said Allan Aksiim, the Chairman of the UT Student Council. „So we thought it would be a nice idea to start the celebration with assisting in organizing the Night Library together with the library.“  

The library provides a silent and comfortable studying environment for students, while the Student Council takes care of mental and physical activities. From 21 tea and coffee are offered, in addition several short lectures on topics of general interest are held, so that the students could take little breaks when studying. Medical students will set up a relaxation corner where recommendations and advice are given to avoid stress, but also measure blood pressure. On some evening the psychologists from the UT Counselling Centre will consult students how to cope with the exams’ session. As usual, therapy dogs will also be a part of the Night Library.


Additional information:
Olga Einasto
Head of the Service Department of UT Library
737 5774

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