UT Library Extends the Free of Charge Interlibrary Loans Service


UT Library now extends the free of charge Interlibrary Loans Service (ILL) to cover also the requests of books from abroad. Free service applies to the books that are packed for the renovation period.

Since the beginning of the renovation, it has been possible to request books and copies of journal articles, which had been packed for the renovation, from other Estonian libraries free of charge. “As spring is traditionally an intensive period of writing the graduation theses and the need for books and articles increases remarkably, we decided to offer the opportunity to request books free of charge also from abroad,” said Martin Hallik, the director of the UT Library, about making the ILL service more widely available. “We have to take into account the fact that the finances of the students are limited and thus, it is extremely important for them that no additional costs incur in relation to their studies.”  

Free request via ILL applies to all books and journals whose location in the e-catalogue ESTER is ‘UTL Stacks (temporarily unavailable)’. For requesting materials via ILL, the reader must fill in the request form in the pop-up reading rooms (J. Liivi Str.) or on the UT Library webpage:  https://utlib.ut.ee/en/borrowing-other-libraries-ill-0. The conditions of use of the requested book will be agreed with the reader upon its arrival.  


Additional information:


Maria Luštšik
Head of ILL
737 5778

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