UT Library opens the 2nd floor learning area for students on Monday


UT Library opens the 2nd floor reading rooms for the students on Monday, 18 May to offer a pleasant learning environment. The desks are placed according to the 2+2 rule and other safety requirements. As a result, 100 students can study in this area. Online number of the visitors in the library can be seen on the library's webpage.

“Feedback from the students tells us that they miss most a place where to concentrate and study,” admitted the UT Library Director Krista Aru. “Starting from Monday, this is again possible. The process of borrowing books to take home will continue as it has been done for the last two months – books ordered via the e-catalogue ESTER can be picked up from the Smart Lockers in the lobby.”  

The open stacks and 3rd floor reading rooms will still not be accessible next week. Books from the open collections can be requested by filling in the call slip in the library. “We decided to be cautious,” said Aru when explaining the partial opening of the library. “As we know, the virus lives on the surfaces for 24-48 hours and, therefore, we do not allow free access to the books. We can guarantee the quick cleaning of the surfaces in the 2nd floor reading rooms, but the disinfection of all books on open shelves every day would be beyond our capabilities.”  

Group work rooms can be booked starting from Monday, but due to the current restrictions, only 2 – 4 persons can work together in one and the same room.

For the time being, the computer classroom has only 10 workstations to meet the 2 metre requirement. Disinfectants are available everywhere, so that everyone can clean the surfaces over once again, if they feel so. 

The library requests everyone to follow the general safety rules – do not to come to the library if you do not feel well, keep the recommended distance with other people and wash and disinfect hands.  

From 18 to 22 May, the UT Library is open 12-18.


Additional information:
Herdis Olmaru
UT Library Communication Manager
737 5749


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