1st Reading Room – Realia, naturalia, medicina

Shelving of publications
Publications in the reading room open collections have identifying call numbers and they are shelved by their speciality according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system. Each speciality has a UDC number which forms the beginning of the publication’s call number. UDC numbers can be seen on the reading room book shelves. Call numbers can be found in the online catalogue ESTER.

Subjects and UDC numbers:

  • Agriculture    63
  • Astronomy. Astrophysics    52
  • Biology    57/59
  • Chemistry    54
  • Computer science. Informatics     004
  • Domestic science    64
  • Engineering. Technology    62
  • Environmental science    502/504
  • Exercise and sport science    796/799
  • Geography    91
  • Geology    55
  • Mathematics    51
  • Medicine. Forensic medicine. Sports medicine    61
  • Natural science    5
  • Physics in general    53

Shelving within a speciality is as follows:

  • Reference works
  • Estonian-language publications
  • Foreign publications in the Latin script
  • Foreign publications in the Cyrillic script

Journals can be found near the speciality’s book shelves in the outer wall niches. Older volumes should be requested from the stacks via the online catalogue ESTER.

Borrowing rules
To borrow publications from the reading room open collections (location in the catalogue UTL 1st Reading Room, UTL 2nd Reading Room, UTL 3rd Reading Room) pick up the publications from the shelf and check them out at the reading room service point, circulation counter or with the self-checker.

Loan dates for reading room open collections:

  • 24 hours (green mark), cannot be renewed,
  • 14 days (no mark), renewable,
  • 30 days (yellow mark), renewable,
  • 60 days (blue mark), renewable.


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