Data Management Plan (DMP)

When planning research, it is important to consider carefully and document the ways of collecting and processing data during the research project, to specify who has access to these data and who is responsible for them, what will happen to the data after the closure of the project, etc. In order to do all this, it is necessary to create the data management plan and to follow it throughout the project.

At present, Data Management Plan is a mandatory component of the Horizon 2020 pilot projects. Starting from 2017, all the data created during the Horizon 2020 projects are open by default, but researchers can waive this requirement.

What should be included in a DMP:

  • What kind of data will be created during research
  • Which requirements apply to research data: laws, institutional requirements, requirements posted by financial supporters
  • Which standards for data and metadata will be followed
  • How the data will be documented
  • Ownership, copyright and intellectual property rights concerning the data'
  • Aspects of data security
  • Storage and backups of data, and the necessary equipment or infrastructure
  • Data sharing: rights of and restrictions to access, the period of embargo
  • Roles and responsibilities of researchers working with the data
  • Data management costs



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