University of Tartu Library offers the opportunity to publish open access journals on the Open Journal System publishing platform

OJS (Open Journal System) is a system for publishing online journals, used for publishing and managing the University of Tartu Open Access journals. The OJS platform includes peer-reviewed journals, published by the University of Tartu (incl. the UT Press), containing full texts of articles in Estonian, English and Russian.

OJS is an open publication platform suitable for Open Access peer-reviewed journals with international board of editors. OJS covers all aspects related to publishing an e-journal, starting from the creation of the journal’s web page up to different activities in publishing a journal – submitting of an article by the author, expert evaluation, editing, publishing, archiving and indexing of the text. OJS helps to manage the work with the journal, monitor the activities of the authors, editors and reviewers, inform the readers and help in organising the paperwork.

Articles published with open access can be assigned their DOI number. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are persistent links used for the unambiguous identification of the object in the digital environment.

All journals published on the University of Tartu OJS platform are accessible also in the international DOAJ database (Directory of Open Access Journals).



Heiki Epner, Analyst of the UT Library Digital Collections

phone 737 5796, heiki.epner@ut.ee

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