University of Tartu offers a wireless internet service in most of its buildings, including the University of Tartu Library.

Using of WiFi is free of charge for all users and visitors of the UT Library, the period of use is not limited.

Two different WiFi networks can be found in the UT buildings:


Eduroam, or Education Roaming, is a project allowing the users of academic computer networks free access to the Internet at all the institutions which have joined the project.

Eduroam WiFi service can be used by people with the UT user account, or an account from another institution which has joined Eduroam. 

Why to use Eduroam?

  • It is more secure.
  • It is connected to the university computer network, which will allow to use network printers and network drives.
  • It authenticates users at all the institutions which have joined the Eduroam project.


UT users should authenticate themselves in the Eduroam network by

Username: username@ut.ee

Password: UT password


UT-public is a network of free access WiFi for the people, who are not related to the University of Tartu and who will therefore not be connected with the UT computer network. 

UT-public WiFi users can authenticate themselves with:

  1. Facebook account
  2. Google account
  3. Manually created account


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