Catalogues and subject card files in the rare books reading room

Catalogues and subject card files in the rare books reading room, describing the collections of rare books

Updating of these catalogues and card files was stopped in 2008.

Estonian-language books

  • Alphabetical and chronological catalogue. Publishers and printers, provenience (up to 1860)
  • Scientific literature of an earlier period (1806-1940)
  • Calendars (up to 1920)
  • Periodicals (journals and magazines up to 1918, newspapers up to 1944)
  • Estonian-language books published in the Soviet Union (1941-1944)
  • Dwarf books
  • Publications in small number of copies, made at the State Art Institute of the ESSR (1957—1
  • 989)

  • Facsimile publications and copies
  • Illustrators
  • Estonian book bindings

Foreign-language books

Estica/Baltica books

  • Alphabetical catalogue (up to 1710; since 1711)
  • Alphabetical catalogue of publications made at the University of Tartu publisher’s (1632—1710)
  • Publications marking the University of Tartu reopening anniversaries (1827 and 1852)
  • Earlier maps (chronological) and plans (geographical) of Estonia and Livonia
  • Portraits in Estica books
  • Views of different locations in Estica books (Estonia, Latvia, varia)
  • Earlier maps and plans of Estonia and Livonia

Western European books

  • Books published in the 16th–17th centuries. Alphabetical catalogue, printers and publishers
  • German books from the 17th century
  • Elzevirs. Alphabetical and chronological catalogue, provenience
  • Finnish books 1488—1850
  • Dissertations from the 16th–18th centuries. Alphabetical catalogue

Russian books

  • Alphabetical catalogues (16th—17th centuries; 19th--20th centuries)
  • Thematic card files:
    • Name index (18th century)
    • Printers, publishers
    • Provenience
    • Publications in Slavic script
    • Old Believer publications
  • Books by science classics, published during their lifetime
  • Prohibited literature
  • Publications issued at historical turning points
  • History of regiments of the Imperial Russian Army
  • Facsimile publications
  • Deluxe editions
  • Illustrators
  • Russian book bindings

Catalogues of memorial collections

  • Alphabetical catalogue of the Pavel Aleksandrov memorial collection
  • Alphabetical catalogue of the Gustav von Bergmann memorial collection
  • Alphabetical card file of the Maria Aurora von Lestocq and Johann Gottfried von Herder collection
  • Alphabetical card file of the Erik Kumari memorial collection
  • Alphabetical card file of the Karl Weltmann memorial collection

Catalogues of the manuscript collection

  • Accession lists of personal archives, archival collections of institutions and organisations and collections of manuscripts and photos
  • Alphabetical and thematic catalogue of the Manuscript collection
  • Alphabetical catalogue of Karl Morgenstern’s and Immanuel Justus von Essen’s correspondences and letters from the manuscript collection
  • Friedrich Ludwig Schardius’s collection of autographs (authors, adressees)
  • Catalogue of citations of honour given to the University of Tartu
  • Lotman, Juri. Mints, Zara. Epistolary personal archive
  • Catalogues of the art collection

    Catalogues of the photo collection

    • Portraits. Alphabetical catalogues
    • University of Tartu
    • University of Tartu Library staff members
    • University of Tartu Library
    • Views of different locations
    • Views of different locations. Tartu
    • Cemeteries (in the Herbert Normann’s collection of photos)
    • Varia

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