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Library introduction for the first year students

Library introduction courses are held for the new students. Introductory courses for the UT students are held by subject librarians. An introductory course can be requested for students of other universities as well. Phone: 7 375 729. The duration of an introductory course is two academic hours; the students are taught the use of the e-catalogue ESTER, and informed about library services, collections and databases.

University library introduction for foreign students in 2016:

Session 1

Date: 25 August 2016 

Time: 10.00-10.45

Location: Jakobi 2-226 (exchange students)

Session 2

Date 25 August 2016

Time: 11.20-12.05

Location: Vanemuise 46-225 (degree students)

Subject information search

To find databases on your subject, Choose one of the categories: medicina, socialia, humaniora or realia et naturalia . You can ask for help by e-mail or when visiting the library. You can also make an appointment with your subject librarian or request an information search training for a group. Contact: Vilve, tel 7375 729, or turn to your subject librarian.

Autumn semester
OIAO.06.050 Fundamentals of information literacy  (In Estonian) - all-university free elective. Especially recommended for writers of bachelor's and master's theses. Tutored by all subject librarians. Contact:

Spring semester
OIAO.06.051 Introduction to information research (In Estonian and English) -  all-university elective for doctoral students. Tutored by all subject librarians. Contact:






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