Conference Centre

The conference centre is closed due to renovation works in the library. Sorry for the inconveniences!

Conference Centre of the University of Tartu Library can be used for holding conferences, meetings, seminars and other events. 

Conference Hall of the Library seats the audience of up to 200. Movable furniture allows reorganisation of room space to meet the needs of different types of events. Conference Centre is supplied with the newest multimedia equipment; technical services are provided for event organisers. Conference Hall is equipped with a sound system together with several portable microphones of wide operation range and opportunities for recording sound and video.

We can intermediate the services of simultaneous interpretation and video transmission, and offer the services of a photographer, video operator, etc. 

Seminar rooms by the Conference Hall (seating ca 50, 25, 16 and 12 persons) are suitable for panel sessions and group work, lectures and round table sessions. A computer classroom with 20 work spaces is located on the 2nd floor of the library.

The Conference Hall and meeting rooms are covered by the WiFi Internet connection. Poster panels and presentations can be held at the Conference Centre.

At request, the library will help in arranging event-related displays and exhibitions; the library designer will design posters, advertising booklets, table signs, etc.

 Services of a florist (flower arrangements, etc.) can be intermediated for event organisers. For coffee breaks and catering, we can intermediate services of different catering firms.

Library staff can organise thematic and art exhibitions. Guided tours of the University of Tartu Library, the oldest and most unique Estonian library, can be held at request.

Payment for the services of the Conference Centre services and for exhibitions is organised by the Marketing Manager of the Library. 

Contact: Katriin Kaljovee,  Direcor's Personal Assistant, phone: (+372) 737 5727,   fax:(+372) 7 375 701,

Welcome to the Conference Centre!

Conference Hall (220 seats theater style)
Room 243 (58 seats on the U style)
Room 249 (40 seats seminar style)
Room186 (24 seats seminar style)
Room 191 (18 seats if conference room style)
Computer Class III floor (10 + 1 computer per 20)


Konverentsisaali ees
Konverentsisaal (teatristiilis 220 kohta)
Konverentsisaal (teatristiilis 220 kohta)
ruum 243 (U-stiilis 58 kohta)
ruum 243 (U-stiilis 58 kohta)
Ruum 249 (klassiruumi stiilis 40 kohta)
Ruum186 (klassiruumi stiilis 24 kohta)
Ruum186 (klassiruumi stiilis 24 kohta)
Ruum 191 (nõupidamisteruumi stiilis 18 kohta)

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