ORCID and ResearcherID

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is researcher’s unique and persistent identifier, which distinguishes them from every other researcher and supports linking between the researcher and all of their professional activities, such as their research institution, grants, research projects, publications and research results. ORCID guarantees the researcher’s credentials as the owner of their results and that the results are correctly cited, thus ensuring the recognition of the researcher. ORCID is linked only to the person, so that moving from one institution to another does not change it. 


Only the researcher can create and manage their own ORCID account, choosing suitable settings. Information can be shared publicly or only with trustworthy persons.

Register your ORCID iD here.

  1. Enter your name and e-mail address
  2. Choose your password
  3. Choose the privacy settings
  4. Register

Recommended information:

  1. Name and all its possible versions
  2. Main research directions
  3. Your current institutional affiliation

Creating of the ORCID iD is quick, simple and free of charge.

ORCID makes submitting international applications easier – when you sign on to ORCID, you can find the already pre-filled fields on the applications.

ORCID is interoperable with research publishers, meaning that your publications and citations are easily findable and exportable from different databases. You can also add your publications, presentations and research data held in repositories to it. Only the publications with a persistent identifier, e.g., DOI, ISBN, etc., can be imported.

ORCID also facilitates submitting manuscripts to publishers, as the required information can already be found in your ORCID iD.

If you add ORCID to your publication, it will automatically be linked to your ORCID account, but you can always manually add information about your work to your account. At the same time, you are not obliged to link your publications to your account.

Today, ORCID is not yet mandatory for researchers, but you can link it to your ETIS account: ETIS → CV → general information.

You can add ORCID to your professional profile and your e-mail signature and make yourself visible in the world of science!



ORCID and ResearcherID (now The Web of Science ResearcherID) are two ways to identify a scientist. They are connected and improve each other.

ResearcherID is now on Publons platform where you can add publications, track citations and manage your Web of Science account. You can create your ResearcherID account on Publons platform. If you want to connect ResearcherID account with ORCID then you should choose register using ORCID while creating an account.


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