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UT Library computer classroom


UT Library invites university members to use the library computer classroom, which is equipped with 18 modern and powerful computer workstations.

All university members can use these computers for their everyday learning and teaching activities, as well as for their free time.

The computers are by default set up to use the roaming profile, meaning that if the users save their files in one computer (the files must be saved on the desktop or in the downloads file), they can access these files on all other computers of the classroom.

The UT Library computer classroom can, for a fee, be reserved for training sessions, seminars, workshops, etc.

 Computers configuration

Operating system: Windows 10 Ent

Processor: Intel i5-7500 3.4GHz

Physical memory: 8GB DDR4

Hard disk: 256GB SSD

Display: 23" Full HD

Keyboard: EST(with smart card reader)


Statistical: IBM SPSS Statistics & Amos 25

Computer-aided drafting: Autocad 2019

Office: Microsoft Office 2016

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge

Other: Notepad++, 7Zip, Skype, IrfanView, ID-card software etc

Software is being updated periodically

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