Open Data

Open Research Data includes the data collected in the course of research, which are made accessible over the Internet with Open Access.

Open data can be downloaded, disseminated and used in research without any restrictions; the author has to be properly cited and the data must be used according to the terms of the licence.  

Research data can be searched in repositories which are combined into registries:

Re3data is the largest registry of research data repositories


Data can be searched or browsed by the subject, country, content type, etc.; search can combine 41 characteristics. The registry uses a simple system of icons to characterise the repositories: access, licences, persistent identifier, certificates, and policy.

Learning material for Re3data.

OpenAIRE is an open access portal for repositories, archives and journals.


Developing of OpenAIRE is financed by the European Commission and the European Research Council via the Horizon 2020 project. The OpenAIRE portal contains results of Horizont 2020 research projects: publications, research data, supporters, and other important information.

More information about OpenAIRE

DataCite: search and reuse research data.


DataCite is a global network of data centres, universities and other research institutions which registers the metadata of research data and provides datasets with the persistent identifiers, DOIs.

More information about DataCite Estonia Consortium.

OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Access Repositories).


This catalogue contains repositories of publications and research data from research institutions and universities.



b2find contains research data from data centres and repositories which have joined the EUDAT.

RDA (Research Data Alliance) is a global community-based organisation whose mission is to build the social and technical infrastructure to enable the open sharing of data. With more than 8,600 members globally representing 137 countries, RDA includes researchers, scientists and data science professionals working in multiple disciplines, domains and thematic fields and from different types of organisations across the globe. RDA Recommendations & Outputs (Pdf)

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