Photocopies, scans and prints

Photocopies, scans and prints can be made in the rooms on the 2. floor or on the 3. floor of the library. 


For self-service printing (incl. Cloud Print), photocopying and scanning you need to create a prepayment account tied to your Estonian ID-card or Tartu/Tallinn transport card. This can be done by buying an ID-ticket ( or Cash can be added to the account in the similar way.


All users of the UT Library can make photocopies and scans and send them to their e-mail. Prints (excl. Cloud Print) can be made only by the users with computer privileges (UT members and members of the institutions that have signed the cooperation agreement with UT).

By selecting an appropriate copying station, you can make black-and-white or coloured prints.


For scanning, select the resolution of 100-600 dpi and for file format we suggest PDF (compact). Files can be sent to the e-mail tied to your account (Send to Myself) or some other address (New Destination). Your mailbox has to be large enough to receive large files.

If you wish to make digicopies of library materials, fill in the request form. Copies can be requested in jpg, pdf or tiff formats.

JPG and PDF are suitable for everyday use. TIFF is used for long-time preservation of materials (e.g. detailed maps, photos, exhibition materials) and it allows further processing of the files. Zoom quality depends on the selected resolution (dpi).

The original can be as large as A2 (42x59.4 cm). Larger originals (folded maps, etc.) are scanned in several different takes.

On the request form, select the resolution (100-600 dpi). Materials smaller than A5 can be scanned with the resolution up to 4800 dpi.

If possible, the requests are fulfilled in three work days.

For requesting digicopies of older publications, use the EOD service.

How to print?

* Insert your ID-card into the reader (works better with Internet Explorer);

* go to the page, upload the file you want to print;

* specify, whether to print in black-and-white or colour, one-sided or two-sided pages, in A4 or A3 format;

* select the print point: UTLIB-BW or UTLIB-COLOR (colour prints) - the printers are located in the Media reading room on the first floor of the UT Library;

* insert your ID-card into the printer and printing will start. If you haven't made your printouts in 24 hours, your uploaded files will be deleted and the sum you have paid will be transferred back to your account.

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