Services for library users with special needs

Moving around in the building

Main entrance of the library (1, W. Struve St.) has a ramp to facilitate entering the building with mobility aids. Lifts give access to all library floors which are open to the public. Special needs restroom is located in the 1st floor lobby.

To help people with mobility and balance problems and senior library users, the library has a three-wheel rollator with a basket and a lightweight wheelchair, located at the 2nd floor service point.

Information and borrowing

For help in finding subject information, turn to the Department of Subject Librarians, phone 737 5729; e-mail

People with mobility problems, who cannot visit the library, can use the special free of charge home service. We bring the books you request to your home and later take them back to the library. If you need this service, call 737 5774 or 737 5702, or write to

For partially sighted people

Partially sighted people can use the video magnifier MLX Reader – MLX Split, which can magnify the text size up to 46x.  The device is located in the newspaper reading room on the 2nd floor of the library.

Digital textbooks:

These materials are of restricted access, accessible only to library users with visual impairment or some other problem which would prevent them from reading regular-size texts; the user has to have the UT network account. To use these materials, turn to the UT Library Service Department,

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