Requesting digital copies

Digital copies can be requested of all publications, works of art and photos found in the open and digital collections of the UT Library. You can request the digitisation of full publications or parts of them; we also digitise your own materials. Information about the materials available for making digitised copies can be found in the e-catalogue ESTER.

Digitisation of materials under copyright protection without the author’s agreement is allowed only if the copy is meant for private use, or for teaching or research purposes.

Publications up to the size A2 (42x59,4cm) can be digitised, objects cannot be digitised. Digitisation of materials of larger sizes should be specially agreed upon. Copies cannot be made if the digitisation process may harm the original items.



Request form  

The digitised publication or its part, article, photo, manuscript, map, printed music, prints, etc., can be saved in the jpg, tiff or pdf format. We offer automated optical character recognition (OCR), which allows full text search and saving the work in a text format (without editing).

Request for a digital copy is fulfilled in three work days. Link to the digital copy is sent to you by e-mail; the copy can be downloaded during ten days, or it can be sent to your FTP. If the digital copy was requested of a publication free of copyright, it will also be archived in the UT digital archive DSpace.

Payment can be made on the basis of an invoice by a bank transfer or by the UT internal billing.

Contact: Piret Zettur, phone 7 37 5784,



EOD request form

Digitisation of full works which are free of copyright falls under the EOD or e-book-on-demand service. You can request an e-book of materials in the UT Library,

  • In the e-catalogue ESTER, if there is a note about EOD at the catalogue record of the book, or find the book in the digitised loose leaf catalogue EMIL
  • If there is no button ‘EOD’ in the e-catalogue entry of a publication free of copyright, contact us at
  • Digital copies of books held in other European libraries, which offer the EOD service, can be requested by using the EOD Search engine.

Conditions: Digital copy consists of one PDF file, which allows full text search and copying the images and parts of text into other programmes and saving the text as a text file. It makes reading of the old literary language easier. Requests are fulfilled in ten work days. Management of requests is automated; you have to agree with the Conditions for digitisation services.

Additional information: the digital copy is archived six months after the fulfilling the request and made accessible in the UT digital archive DSpace. By requesting an e-book you can contribute to the digitisation of historic books and making the cultural heritage materials easier to use.

Contact: Maria Luštšik,

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