Private Work Rooms

Private work rooms can be rented for private study or research work from one hour to one semester.  

  • For one-time use of the room, please turn to the reading rooms service point, for long-term use, please submit an application to the Head of the Service Department, indicating the aim of the use and the period requested.
  • If there is no private work room available at the moment, requests will be fulfilled in the order of submission. Requests from of the TU members will be given a priority. 
  • The private work rooms can be used for a fee. The pricelist is available at the library service points, as well as on the UT Library homepage.  
  • Please pay for the use of the private work room at the UT Library Information Point or at the readers' service desk on the second or third floor. Upon one-time use of the room, please submit the payment receipt to the reading room staff member, in case of long-term use, make the monthly payment by the 5th day of the month. In case of non-payment, the library has the right to give the room to the next applicant.  
  • The keys of the private work rooms are at the reading rooms service point on the third floor. The taking out and returning of the key must be registered in Sierra. You cannot take the key with you when leaving the library.  
  • You can keep your books and other personal belongings needed for your work in the private work room, and you can use your own computer there.
  • If you want to use books from the reading room open collections in your private work room, you must check them out at the reading rooms service point or use the self-checker. You have to return journals, reference books and other open collection books marked with a red dot (in-house use) to the reading room upon leaving. You can request up to 50 books from the stacks, meant for in-house use, for taking them to your private work room.  
  • Materials published up to 1917, (excl. rarities, marked with R), can exceptionally be used in the private work rooms only when the room is rented for at least one month. After one month, these materials must be returned to the stacks.
  • At the end of every semester, the due dates of the materials, requested to the private work rooms from the stacks, need to be renewed at the reading rooms service point.  
  • Eating and smoking is prohibited in the private work rooms. The library is not responsible for your private belongings, e.g. computers, etc., left in the private work rooms. 
Additional information and questions:
Olga Einasto
Head of the Service Department, UT Library 
tel: 737 5774

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