Student Days organize Hunger Games in the open stacks of the library


On Tuesday, 22 September the popular adventurous game "Hunger Games" will take place in the open stacks of the library. The game is one of the events in the programme of Tartu Students Days which last from Monday till Sunday. 

What would happen, if you suddenly found yourself in the arena of the popular book series and movie “The Hunger Games”? How would you cope in the fight for “life itself”? Would you drop out in the first few minutes or would you head for the glorious victory like Katniss Everdeen?

More information and registration to "Hunger Games" here

The game will last from 16 until 20. During this period the readers do not have a free access to the books in the open stacks, but upon the agreement with the organizers, our librarians have access to the books during the pauses and the requested books will be brought out.


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