Early Western European Prints

01.10.2003 10:00
01.01.2026 10:00
University of Tartu Library virtual exhibition
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The online exhibition presents the older part of the graphic arts collection in the University of Tartu Library — Western European prints from the 15th–18th centuries, and early German lithography.

The exhibition provides a brief description of the graphic arts collection as a whole as well as by country, and delineates the development of printmaking techniques and the specific features of the technical processes. From the list of the artists, the works of each of them can be viewed, while the galleries menu bar gives access to the exhibition by country.

The exhibition is based on a graphic arts display arranged in 2002 — the year of the 200th anniversary of the University of Tartu Library. The preparation of the online exhibition was supported by the town of Tartu.

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