UT Library to provide interlibrary return service


On 27 January the University of Tartu Library started a pilot project aiming to offer its users the possibility to return books into any library in the UT Library network. In addition to the main library, all the university’s specialist libraries that are located in Tartu, participate in the pilot project.

Previously it was possible to return books only to the same library they were borrowed from. “Our experience shows that readers see the library network as an integrated system and therefore they often asked to return books borrowed from a specialist library to the main library, or vice versa,” said Head of Service Department of the UT Library Olga Einasto. “So we decided to test this new service.” When returning the books borrowed from subject libraries to the main library, they must be taken to the service point, as they cannot be returned via book return machine. 

When a book is returned, it is immediately removed from the reader’s account and sent to the library where it is usually kept. Depending on the university’s internal mail schedule, the returned books arrive at their home library in two days.

The pilot project lasts until the end of June and during this period the library will monitor book return statistics and ask feedback from readers and librarians. “Thereafter we will decide if the service is sustainable and whether it is reasonable to expand it to units outside Tartu,” said Einasto. “We hope our readers are satisfied with the service because it is convenient, helps to save time and avoid late fines.”

The first books returned under the pilot project moved back to their original location on 28 January already.


Further information:

Olga Einasto

Head of Service Department


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