Access to Online catalogue ESTER Now with ID-card and Mobile-ID


ID-card and Mobile-ID can now be used in registering as a user of the library and entering online catalogue ESTER

„Nowadays most of people use ID-card and Mobile-ID in everyday services," said Olga Einasto, Head of Service Department of UT Library. „Thus, the new alternative in registering oneself as a user and logging in the online catalogue makes the life of our readers definitely easier. The first days have shown that the new way of authentication in ESTER is used very intensively." 

Authentication in ESTER or logging in is required for user registration, administration of user data, request of books, renewal of due dates etc. 

Users can still enter their personal account with the user name and password. 


Additional information:
Olga Einasto
Head of Service Department of UT Library
737 5774


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