Exhibition "Fairy Tale World" Opened in UT Library


The fairy tale wood is open in the exhibition hall of the Library, giving everyone an opportunity to compare the change and development of the text and illustrations of the "Little Red Riding Hood" fairy tale. The texts are taken from the books by brothers Grimm, Ch. Perrault and A. Lang.

 „The exhibition of Red Riding Hood is meant for eveyone who loves fairy tales. Our aim was to show how the story has changed during time," explained Katrin Angel, the author of the idea of the exhibition. "All visitors have a chance to express their opinion which version they prefer. And of course, you can let your fantasy fly, think about the changes around us and offer how the fairy tale could sound in 10 or more years."

The illustrations shown in the exhibition are made by Gustave Dore, Beni Montresor, John Everet Millais, Marek Szal and Beata Rojek.

Just grab a lantern and walk in the fairy tale wood! The exhibition will be open until 30 October.


Additional information:
Katrin Angel
Curator of UT Library

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