The exhibitions of Tartu high school students depict the life surrounding us


Three young artists, Saskia Kolberg from Jaan Poska Gymnasium, and Birgit Allekõrs and Priyanka Singh from Miina Härma Gymnasium show their works next to the UT Library Conference Hall.

Saskia Kolberg studied the stories of origin of different Tartu districts and found the inspiration for her paintings. In her display “Five Faces of Tartu”, she wants to introduce the districts which people do not visit often or even do not know about, offering something to discover even for the locals. She made her paintings in different seasons, time and weather, to show as different faces of Tartu as possible.  

Birgit Allekõrs’ works are inspired by the Dutch style De Stijl, where the artists tried to find a universal language via art. Most of the artists used geometrical images and three main colours: blue, red and yellow. Allekõrs tries to follow the principles of this style, still showing that each work at this exhibition has an individual and independent nature.

Priyanka Singh’s exhibition “Dark Side of Bright World” shows the contrasts between the beauty around us, which she discovered during the walks in Tallinn and Tartu, and violence, which exists in our world, but which is very often not talked about. She wants to draw our attention to the need for noticing both the positive and negative things.  

Works by Saskia Kolbergi and Birgit Allekõrs will be shown until 28 February, works by Priyanka Singh can be viewed until 3 March.  


Additional information:
Lilian Mengel
Artist-designer of UT Library
737 5751


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