Jubilee exhibition of Liive Koppel in UT Library


The exhibition of paintings “Long shadows” to celebrate the 80th birthday of the artist Liive Koppel can be viewed on the third floor of the UT Library.

Estonian nature is the essential feature of Liive Koppel’s paintings. “My works do not need much contemplation, I just paint outdoors and townscapes, flowers, and still life,” said the artist. “These are the things that talk to me. I love to be old-fashioned and I do not want to dissolve under the pressure of modern art, which is mostly based on hedonistic spirit.”

Her works are mostly oil paintings. “I paint in a more or less realistic style, but sometimes I allow myself more abstract colour harmonies and schemes,“ Koppel described her pictures. “I am certainly worrying about the news about climate warming, the melting of glaciers, the massive logging which is going on in our forests, and nature catastrophes. I am a painter and in such a situation I feel how incapable I am with my brush, unable to stop such processes. To deal with this, different and much stronger methods and levers are needed.”  

Liive Koppel studied drawing, painting and art pedagogy at the Tartu School of Visual Arts. Her teachers were Harri Pudersell, Alfred Kongo, Kaljo Polli and Villu Toots.

The exhibition “Long shadows” will be open until 8 April.


Additional information:
Herdis Olmaru
Communication Manager of UT Libraryherdis.olmaru@ut.ee
737 5749

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