Library construction works recommenced next week


On Monday, 7 August 2017, the University of Tartu and AS Ehitustrust and OÜ Tallinna Ehitustrust, who won the public procurement for the library reconstruction works, signed a contract, according to which all construction works on the building must be completed by 9 January 2019. AS Ehitustrust starts with the necessary demolition works on the site next week.

“Library renovation is completed in stages,” said Heiki Pagel, head of UT Estates Office. “First we want to complete areas that are necessary for students for studying and the reader service areas.” So the first stage includes building works in the foyer, the first-floor rooms with book repositories, the second floor, new staircases, and lifts. In addition, the contractor hopes to complete the necessary reconstruction works in the area in front of the building.

The first-stage works are completed in January 2018. “After the contractor has finished their work, furniture is installed. Also books that are currently stored in boxes are placed on shelves and that takes some time,” Pagel admitted. “Hopefully, we can announce the date when readers can access the library’s reading rooms again in November at the latest.”

Next year the second-stage works start in areas that are inaccessible to visitors, e.g. basement repositories and the existing staircases.

In the third stage, the remaining works inside the building are completed according to design plans, the completed works are handed over to the university and the permit for use is applied for.

During the construction, books ordered via the ESTER system can still be borrowed and returned in the library (entrance from Akadeemia street) and the pop-up reading rooms, with facilities for group work and a computer classroom, are open in Veski street.

“The situation still is a complicated one for all our readers, but this time we are facing the new academic year with much more optimism,” said Martin Hallik, director of the University of Tartu Library. “We have great hopes that students and all other readers can use the library again at the beginning of the next year already. Until then I encourage everyone to use pop-up reading rooms in Veski street, where we have created good conditions for studying.”


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Heiki Pagel
Head of UT Estates Office
503 2021



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