Services for UT Academic Staff

Requesting materials from ESTER to faculty
University lecturers can request that materials they want to borrow from the stacks and open collections be sent to their office. Books will be sent via the university mail service.

To request the materials, send an e-mail to the subject librarian of your field noting for how long a period you will need them (the longest loan term - six months). The subject librarian will check the materials out and send them via the university mail service. To return the materials, send them to the subject librarian via the university mail service.

Semester-long loan
UT lecturers can borrow the materials in their specialty, purchased according to the faculty's requests, for up to six months. Loan term can be renewed if the book has no queue.
Send an e-mail to the subject librarian of your field. Contact data of subject librarians are HERE.
Requested materials together with a notice about loan terms can be sent to your office via the university mail service. 
Materials can be returned via the university mail service.

Grant holder loan
UT grant holders can borrow the materials, purchased for the library by using the grant finances, up the completion of the grant (up to four years).
Materials are checked out for the grant holder and sent to their office.
Books on grant holder loan cannot be reserved by others. Library does not give information about grant holders to other persons.

Course reserves
Course reserve (AP) is a set of literature and materials put together by the lecturer and necessary for the students to pass the course.

Course reserve may contain

  • materials from the UT Library and from elsewhere
  • copies of published and unpublished materials (in accordance with the Copyright Act).

Course reserves are accessible in subject area reading rooms for the period of time (semester, academic year, can be renewed) specified by the lecturer.

The lecturer forwards the list of necessary materials to the subject librarian of their faculty //LINK// preferably 30 days before the beginning of the course (so that the materials that are on loan can be returned). The list has to include accurate bibliographic data (author, title, year of publication, volume), as well as the preferable period of its use, the title of the course, the code of the subject and the lecturer's name.
The lecturer photocopies the materials from outside the library collections (the titles of the books and journal articles need to be correctly cited) and sends them to the library via university mail service or personally brings them to the library. Reference works should be avoided in course reserves.

NB! The Library is not responsible for the materials from outside the library collections, therefore it is preferable to include only copies in the course reserves. 


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