UT Library Offers Digitisation of Copyright-free Books at a Special Price


The UT Library and the National Library of Estonia are offering the digitisation of copyright-free books from their collections at a special price of 10 EUR from 4th to 28th February 2019.

“This campaign offers everybody a great opportunity to get a copy of the book that they need at a good price,” said Liisi Lembinen, Acting Director of the UT Library. “Our aim is to give the students and lecturers, as well all other library users access to as many books as possible. Requesting EOD e-books gives an ideal opportunity for everyone.” Lembinen hopes that in February, many people will order digital copies at a special price.  

The conditions for digitising books from the collections of the UT Library and receiving the files are available on the library homepage. As a small part of the foreign-language collections is still unpacked and a few books may not yet be available at present.   

An EOD eBook is a single full-text pdf file of a public domain book, digitised at the user’s request. The file contains the image of the scanned original book and, if possible, the text has been subjected to automatic character recognition, enabling full text search. All kinds of marks and notes left by previous owners and readers in the margin of the pages of the original volume will also appear in the file.

Additional information:
Maria Luštšik
Head of ILL
7 375 778

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