Contact-free borrowing of books starts on Wednesday


UT Library is closed due to the emergency situation, but starting from Wednesday, 25 March, users can request books via the e-catalogue ESTER. The requested books can be picked up from the Smart Lockers in the library lobby.

Books, which can be borrowed and are marked in the e-catalogue ESTER as AVAILABLE, can be requested. For contact-free borrowing, the books will be placed into the Smart Lockers in the library lobby beside the main entrance (Struve 1). The lockers can be accessed from Monday to Friday, 12 – 17. To retrieve the books, you need your library card or ID-card to open the locker. As the number of lockers is limited, the waiting time for the requested books can extend up to three days.

The library started to develop temporary methods for lending books right after the announcement of the emergency situation. “This is the best solution we can offer in this complicated situation,” said the Director of the UT Library Krista Aru. “This Monday, we tested the reliability of this quickly set up system, and everything worked nicely. This is not an ideal, but the best solution at the present moment that we can offer, without risking with anyone's health.”  

Books are placed the lockers; disinfectants can be found beside the lockers. Borrowers of the books are asked to enter one by one and disinfect their hands before and after taking the books out from the locker. Also, for safety reasons, the library asks you to keep within the limited zone which has temporarily been set up in the lobby for the borrowing of books. 

Read the instructions, how to borrow books in the emergency situation.  


Additional information:
Olga Einasto
Head of the UT Library Service Department


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