An exhibition of Enno Ootsing’s Works Will Open at the UT Library


On Tuesday, 2 October, the exhibition titled “Roots and seedlings. An Album” of the works of the artist Enno Ootsing will be opened at the University of Tartu Library. The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th Jubilee of the Republic of Estonia and it shows 43 pieces of visual arts about the life in Estonia, particularly in Võrumaa.

“I dedicate this exhibition to my parents and to all people of Estonia who have lived here and built and carried on our state,” said Ootsing. “The University of Tartu Library as one of the most outstanding memory institutions in Estonia is a fitting site for showing the pictures depicting our history. I believe that this exhibition offers moments of recognition for historians as well as for people who are just interested in our country’s history.”

The exhibition can broadly be divided into three parts: history, the present day and the new generation. In the history part the artist used photos from old albums, combining them with texts and documents to create digital compositions.

The present day is depicted on drawings and digital works, as well as on watercolour portraits and graphic prints. The third part of the exhibition is devoted to children, containing drawings from the series “Children” and camera-based compositions.

Enno Ootsing was born in Räpina in 1940. He graduated as a graphic artist from the Estonian Institute of Arts and is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association. Ootsing is one of the founding members of the artists’ group ANK-64. His works have been exhibited at many international and local exhibitions, he has also received a number of prizes and awards. In 1984–2005 Ootsing was Professor and the Head of the Department of Graphic Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts; since 2007 he is Emeritus Professor.

The exhibition of Enno Ootsing’s works in the 2nd floor lobby of the UT Library will be open until 2 November.

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Herdis Olmaru
Communication Manager of UT Library 
737 5749

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