Free access to several databases and study materials available after emergency situation


Due to the emergency situation and closing of universities, several publishing houses and databases gave free access to their materials that could be used by the students, researchers and employees of the University of Tartu. In case of some databeses, free access has been extended also after the emergency period.

When outside UT network, please preferably use the Open VPN connection. Alternatively, use the link "Remote access with UT username and password" under the specific database in the Databases list 

The following databases are still available. The list includes also the duration of the free access.


Database Period Details
Elsevier ScienceDirect until 31 August UT network: test access to 250+ e-studybooks (list is supplemented every week)
Elsevier COVID-19 resource center   articles about the Corona virus

journals - until end of August

books - until end of the year

all collections of magazines, in addition more than 30 000 books

The SIAM Epidemiology Collection

SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science

available for one year

focused on disease modeling, pandemics, and vaccines 

focused on mathematical, statistical, and computational methods in the context of data and information sciences

Future Medicine journals until end of the year access in UT network to journals published from 2016

As a coordinated initative of the fund Wellcome Trust the research information about the virus COVID-19 has a free access. The list of databases on the page Accucoms lehel  

Full list of the UT library e-resources is available HERE, by clicking on the letter "i" beside the name of the database you will get a detailed information about the source.


Additional information:
Marika Meltsas
Senior Specialist for Electronic Databases
Collections Development Department of the UT Library

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