Horizon 2020 and Research Data

The Horizon 2020 Framework Programme includes the pilot programme “Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020”. 

The participating projects are obliged to submit data management plans, specifying the open data among their datasets. The document included here offers both the applicants and those who have already received support the instructions for data management within Horizon 2020. These instructions explain how researchers should take responsibility for the quality, security and sharing of their research data.   

As the data management plan indicates how research data will be managed during the project and after its closure, it is an essential component of all projects which participate in the Horizon 2020 open research data pilot programme and, generally, of all research projects. 

Horizon 2020 Data Management Guideline Ver. 3.2 (21 March 2017)

Horizon 2020 requirements-based Data Management Plan template and guidance for preparing the DMP.

Watch the slides: Emilie Hermans (UGent) Open research Data in Horizon 2020.


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