Photo exhibition by Anne Rudanovski "Shadowing an Estonian in the world"

20.10.2020 12:15
19.11.2020 21:00
UT Library
UT Library, 2nd floor exhibition area
Literature festival Prima Vista
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The exhibition shows photos made in the around the world trip - introducing Estonians who live abroad.  

The photos were taken by Anne Rudanovski, and artist and professor of Pallas University of Applied Sciences during her trip in the year 2019. In every country where Rudanovski stopped she found one Estonian whom she followed as a shadow and documented his or her life within some hours or a day.   

Rudanovski started her trip in February 2019 from Israel and after visiting Egypt, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, China, Corea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thai she reached Mexico. The trip lasted 5 months and the longer stops were in 13 countries. 

The exhibition will be open until 19 November and it is a part of this year's art program of the literature festival Prima Vista. 

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