Web exhibition "Three linguists" - Julius Mark, Julius Mägiste and Paul Ariste

13.05.2020 09:15
31.12.2021 09:15
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The web exhibition "Three linguists" introduces the life and work by Julius Mark, Julius Mägiste and Paul Ariste. 

It was 130 years ago when the famous professor of Ural languages in UT Julius Mark was born, 120 years from the birth of the first Estonian professor of the Baltic Finnish languages Julius Mägiste and 115 years from the birth of their successor, post-war UT professor of Finno-Ugric languages Paul Ariste. The research as well as several activities have made these three men famous in Estonia as well as abroad. 

The web exhibition "Three linguists" gives an overview of the life and work of these men - via photos and memories of their students and colleagues.  

The web exhibition is in Estonian and it is available here: https://kolm-keelemeest.weebly.com/

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